Top 10 Real Estate websites for Property search in India

Have you perpetually dream of obtaining that good home and find yourself thinking about making a perfect home. For instance, for anyone, the right home would be an apartment with a little swimming pool indoors. Several real estate websites in India that assist you in fulfilling your dream of obtaining a home.

This allows a person to approach the dealer and find better offers. In this article, we will try to give all the information about such property search websites in India.

Here’s the List of Best Real Estate websites for Property Search Sites in India:

Magic Bricks

This property portal is one of the most popular Real Estate websites for property Search in India. This website aims to show all its users the best property with few simple clicks. Customer can sell their property on Users has the option of thousands of properties to search from. Users will be notified every time a new property has been added. is one of the popular property search websites. This website helps users with good property listings and helps them to buy the best option. You can sell or rent properties from any part of the country. You will mark your listing as favorite and reserve it for comparison.

This website also helps the users in seeing the best properties which are suitable for them. This website has good features that they give with good tips about the best property on their website. Then why wait start your hunt for a dream house with today.

No Broker

No Broker is the biggest property search website because it connects over ten 100000 buyers and sellers each month. This website permits people to shop for, sell, rent, or hiring a location for personal functions. This portal includes an amazing feature that enables users to pay their rent through the payment gateway of this website.

You can list your house without any charge and provides its users with help throughout the process. This company provides relocation services for corporate and additionally includes a mobile application. No Broker real estate website in India provides its services in metro cities such as Delhi, Mumbai, and many more.


99Acres is fourth on the list of best Real estate websites in India. 99Acres listing is from 50 different cities in India. This property website includes a mobile application that allows its users to see good properties in the listings. This website allows its users to filter their search by choosing property kind and also their place. Alloting property to tenants is also an option.

Common Floor

The common floor is the best real estate website for property search in India. It has nice and verified property listings. But, the one disadvantage is that this website is there for a place only like the city, Mumbai, Bangalore, Gurgaon, Kolkata, and Ahmedabad. But you can’t search properties apart from these cities.

This website is once felicitated with Estate Excellence Award. Home loan services would of great use to a customer. This website allows you to shop for all forms of property sorts like residences and plots. Common Floor like alternative websites includes a feature of renting properties.

India Property

This website permits all users to get, sell, or rent properties. This website connects people from 1500 cities. It also aims to provide hassle-free search to the user. This website has over 623,475 listings and that they still add more property listings each day. Many known news channels such as NDTV, CNBC are providing with necessary media coverage advertisement.

Users can verify properties on the website. India property website has a feature to access a virtual tour of the location.You can also see the requirement for home loans on the website. Don’t wait just start looking for the best house with India Property.


Makaan property search website in India has many qualified specialists that understand the need for home. This website has a rated merchant platform that allows users to see the properties listed by the best sellers. The website assured the property listed for selling is from the authenticated seller.The Makaan website helps its users to buy and sell properties online. Loan facility is available on the website.

Nest Away

Nest away is the website which helps in solving the problems of searching houses in big cities. This website is also known for its growing home rental networks. This website helps users with all the support that they want to rent a replacement location of their choice. This website gives full support to its customers from searching the property until you move-in in your selected property. As per your desire and budget, you can obtain a studio room or a 2BHK flat. Follows no brokerage from users.

Prop Tiger

Prop Tiger is a real estate website in India that believes in the idea of the simplest homes. The prop tiger real estate website in India supports customers at every point. Register with this website and get started with property hunting. You can rate the property you like and save it for the future. Clear your all doubts by visiting the location by yourself.After this, you are ready to make a decision.

Sulekha Properties

Like several alternative websites, it also helps users finding their dream house. But what distinguishes it from other real estate websites in India? Sulekha properties are also equipped in listing available in abroad also. Through this website, a buyer can compare the prices and ratings of different properties. Can find the property as per your desired location.

You can also make yourself aware of the ongoing real estate projects in India. This website comes with high customer ratings. Users can easily access all the details on their mobile application too.

The Conclusion:

We hope you would possibly gets a plan concerning the best property search website in India. Not solely in India but these websites can assist you to find your home outside India too.All the above-mentioned websites have a high customer satisfaction rating. You won’t be disappointed after experiencing any website.

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