Top 15 best app for Moms in 2020

In today’s lifestyle, almost everyone is busy doing something. Moms don’t stay at home nowadays. They have a busy schedule, where it is kind of impossible to maintain a healthy balance between career and personal life. That’s where apps came to rescue them. Here are some best app for Moms which will help the new Moms to take care of their children, in parenting, and some of these apps are used for kids to learning.

Top 15 best app for Moms in 2020

  1. Healofy
Healofy. Image from google play store.

This is one of the best app for moms in 2020 for new Moms-to-be. When you are so confused about what to do in any of your problems, you will find the solution here. You can choose your own language to continue use this app. Ask your questions directly and get help from an expert, if you want, you can do it anonymously too!

2. Firstcry India:-

This is a best app for moms where they can buy various type or clothes and baby products for your little Baby. They have amazing quality products and you will be fully satisfied with their service. On special occasions, they provide great discount too. Their products are always under budget. You won’t have to rob a bank to buy!

3. Babychakra:- Indian Pregnancy and Parenting tips

According to the developers of this app, this is :-

India’s No.1 Baby Safe,

100% Toxin Free Products –

Hand Sanitizer, Hand Wash, Fruit, Vegetable, Toy Wash.

BabyChakra is India’s largest parenting and pregnancy FREE app.

Here you can find chat rooms too for moms to be to contact with experts.

4. WebMD pregnancy app:-

This is available for iOS. It helps to monitor and has educational features about pregnancy process, health and fitness. In here, if you want, you can consult a physician too in emergency. It has a reminder which will help you to remember if you have any upcoming appointment.
5. Band of Mothers- Social network for Moms:-

As the name suggests, this is the best app for moms to connect virtually and socially. You can chat as much as you want. Find the groups that interests you the most and join them. Other than that, you will find important tips too for your pregnancy. So, if you face any problem, you can find the solution here too, via tips or via consulting an expert.

6. Babygogo Parenting:- Baby care and Pregnancy tips:-

From pregnancy to support for parents with school goers, they provide support for parents end to end. Ask yours and your baby’s medical questions to doctors live on the app, track your child’s growth with their growth chart, set vaccination reminders and store medical documents using Babygogo. This app also offers parenting tips which is a bonus.

7. Mumzworld:-

They provide products for babies like clothes, play gym etc. It is a popular app in middle East. While shopping in here, you can get valuable Moms point and get rewards too. You will get colors, sizes and everything that you need. On special occasion, they give special discounts too.

8. Pregnancy Tracker:- Baby due date calculator:-

According to this app, with the help of this, you can easily:

– Get DAILY pregnancy info

– Track your pregnancy week by week

– Calculate the current week of pregnancy

– Calculate due date (pregnancy date)

– Get baby size information and development updates weekly

– Get information on changes in your body

– Manage weight and belly growth gain goals with clinical guidelines for your BMI

– Get info with due date calculator

– Track your weight

– Track contractions and send results to a medic

– Track baby kicks

9. Baby tracker:- Feeding, sleeping and diaper:-

This is a best app for Moms, special newbie moms with a hectic career schedule. With the help of this app, you can-

  • Track baby feeding and breastfeeding
  • Track diaper changes.
  • Track their sleeping schedule

10. The Happy Child:- Parenting app:-

Another great app which gives the most important parenting tips. With the help of this, you can easily find solution of your problems. They are science based, so the tips and information will be logical.

11. Growth Chart, Development milestone and Vaccination:-

The key features of this app are:-

  • Growth Tracker
  • Development Tracker
  • Food Tracker
  • Vaccination Tracker
  • Health tips
  • Chat groups

12. Pregnancy Day By Day:-

This is one of the best and powerful app for moms. With the help of this app, you can-

  • Your day to day pregnancy details.
  • Your weekly pregnancy details
  • You can watch ultrasound video of your baby every week
  • Your monthly pregnancy details
  • Weekly images of your baby
  • You can track your diet using the information provided by the experts.
  • Possible birth date of your baby
  • You can record the kicks of your baby and access them later.

13. Single Moms App:-

It was founded by 2008. It has a Single Moms online video community, Single Moms Radio, Single Moms Twitter, Single Moms online products feature. It helps in parenting. With the help of this, you will find solutions of all your problems. It is specially for single moms. With their busy and hectic lifestyle, it will make your parenting life hazard free and simple.

14. Baby Tracker:- breastfeeding tracker, newborn:-

This is a tracking app which helps you to breastfeeding, solid food feeding, bottle feeding, sleeping schedule and diaper changing. With the assistance of this app, you can-

  • Track feeding by each breast or by both
  • Fix solid food feeding, the amount and contents
  • Fixing diaper changing, you can note whether it is dirty or wet and can change it accordingly.
  • Record baths, temperature, walking etc.

15. Chat with Parents:-

This is the app where every kid can contact with their parents. Without any hassle, you can know where is your kids, if they are safe. If you get into any emergency situation, “send the alarm” will help you.

So, these are all the apps for Moms and Moms-to-be in 2020. It will help you in today’s life and will make your life hassle free.

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