10 Best and Powerful Yoga Poses For Weight Loss for beginners

All of us want to look smart and decent. No one wants to look overweight and chubby. To achieve these goals you need to engage in and start a training routine. A training course is a series of exercises with yoga poses which help in Weight loss and shape your body.

You can do the best you can to do a healthy home routine. If you stay at home, try some great and easy exercises, which help you to weight loss, and you will experience positive health and physical changes. Make your habits for a morning walk. The body’s importance is to make the legs move. Try a 15-20 minute walk every day. Besides, you can always play a few easy games with exercise. They can be skipping football, basketball or rope games. Once you begin shaping your life in a new pattern, all due to simple homework will yield incredible results on weight loss!

yoga poses for weight loss for beginners


yoga poses plank

Holding a plank can be one of the best ways to strengthen your immune. It may not look like a lot, but it will fall into the plank and it will not be long before it is felt in your stomach. Subtle modifications can further increase the intensity.

Draw your heels with full force and walk quickly in the opposite direction and keep your chest going between your sides. Make it for rock-hard abs every day.

Practice core planks by putting the right knee back into your chest, then into your upper right arm, then through your left arm. Repeat on every side three times. Try to lift a leg straight from the floor. Keep the leg as you move to Chaturanga or a Downward Dog with three legs.

Downward dog ( Adho Mukha Svanasana )

yoga poses downward dog

Need a way to tone your whole body? Downwards Dog is the best yoga pose. This yoga poses goes from a restful posture to a radical way of strengthening your arm, back and thighs with a little more attention to certain muscles.

In case you rotate your thigh’s muscles inside and do the same with your upper arm, to get the most muscle tone benefits. Keep pushing down your hands and heels. Hold it— not forget to breathe! Hold it.


Place your hands a bit wider than the width of your shoulder on the floor and stretch your legs behind you. Brace your body center and lower your body until just above the level is your chest. Take down for two seconds and back up for two seconds. Throughout the movement, remember to keep your back flat, your elbows close to the sides of your torso, and fully extend your elbows at the top of the pushup.


yoga poses chaturangas

In the yoga community, the best way to build strength is by doing one million chaturangas. Chaturanga is the transitional Yoga pose that forms the part of vinyasa between plank and dog facing upwards. Yes, chaturanga builds strength for that particular move, but only for that particular one.

Due to the nature of the transition, less than an ideal form can be taken away, which can over time cause recurrent stress injuries in the shoulders. It is best to build strength to prevent these injuries. And if strength is what we want beyond chaturanga, we have to train the entire movement.

Shoulder stand ( Sarvangasana )

yoga poses shoulder stand

From digestion improvement to thyroid therapy and even greater strength, the shoulder support does everything.

The reverse measures the level of thyroids, which increases metabolism, improves breathing, strengthens your upper body, legs and abdominal tracts, and improves sleep. Furthermore, you will feel like a new person daily.

Bow Pose ( Dhanurasana )

yoga poses bow

You are searching a way to burn fat quickly? The bow Yoga poses could help! By pulling your hands and feet in the opposite directions you can get deeper into your pose until only your abdomen and pelvic touch the ground.

Bow does not only help the abdominal organs to improve digestion, it is also an incredible way to strengthen the thighs, chest and back. It also

Strengthen your back, open your shoulders and chest, stabilize your legs, increase the function of hip flexors, stimulate digestion and flow of energy in your internal bodies. You must try it for Weight Loss.

Chair Pose( Utkatasana )

yoga poses

The practice of yoga that includes changing yoga positions while sitting on a chair is known as chair yoga.

These differences make yoga easy for those who are not able to stand up and work out even for those who are lazy.

There’s no denying that and we all have those kind of days. This is also good news for people who sit seven to nine hours a day in the office. You can therefore make varying lengths, bends, twists, and more as you are stung to your chair.

Jalandhara Bandha

Stand straight alongside your feet and your hands. Now lift up your arms over your head to your palms and bend slowly, exactly like you would in the squat position, from your knees now. Your thighs should be on the ground parallel. Stay 10-15 seconds in position.

This yoga poses tones facial muscles and is also a good stressors. It’s a fundamental approach, and anyone can, regardless of their age. When you sit in the Lion and stick your language away, the thorax and spine are stretched on your facial muscles.

Precautions: This yoga poses should be done under the supervision of a certified yoga professor if you have breathing problems. Remain breathable when you have high blood pressure or heart disease.

Bench Press

You have to Lie on a bench and grasp the bar a little wider than the width of the shoulder. Lower the bar to your chest while tightening your glute and abs, slightly tucking your elbows and arching your back. Drive your feet in the floor when the bar touches your body to press the bar back up. Adjust the weights for each set accordingly.

Push Press

Take a barbell, hold it at shoulder height with an overhand grip. Keep your elbows parallel to the ground and your upper arm. Bend your knees slightly and drop as you keep your torso upright and avoid leaning forward. Expand your knees and hips explosively as you overhead drive the barbell and stand up tall. Lower the barbell to your shoulders slowly before you repeat.

Lunge exercise ( Anjaneyasana )

Stand hip-width apart with hands-on-hips and feet. Take your right leg forward and lower your body slowly until your left (back) knee reaches or touches the floor and bends at least 90 degrees.

Return to the starting position and on the other side, repeat. Try to step back into the lung for a variation.

Final words Everyone’s dream is to have a perfect body shape and a strong immune system. But you need to be so active and work on a daily basis in order to achieve this dream. Work is not only slim and intelligent, but also activates and enhances energy. Try the incredible yoga poses above when you start a workout for weight loss !

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