10 Best legitimate Online Data entry jobs from home without investment


We can define the data entry job by saying this It is a field in which the data from multiple ways in the computer system for our processing and management. The candidate who wanted to do the data entry job has to manage a large number of tidings that are often very sensitive and confidential. A data entry job is generally the handler of different types of electronic data and later used in processing work. We can say that online data entry jobs from home without investment are the best ones.

What skills are required for a data entry job???

  • Typing skills: In any data entry job, typing skills should be fast. The minimum typing speed should be 60 wpm (word per minute). And if your typing speed is 100 wpm then it will be best for any typing job.
  • Computer skills and knowledge of software: In this generation Computer knowledge is a must. Any work can be done through the internet or computer. There are lots of skill are related to the computer and software like editing, Excel, printing, etc. This is required for not only data entry jobs but also for many works related to online work.
  • Organizational Abilities :

All data entry workers should be organized in their way. It is okay to be organized differently.

There are mainly two types of Data Entry job-

  • Online Data Entry job.
  • Offline Data Entry job.

Online Data Entry job: In this Data Entry job Internet connection is a must and it is required when you have to do the processing of the data on the computer.

Offline Data Entry job: In this Data Entry job generally internet connection is not required; it is generally required where the internet connection is the very low or very drastic connection of the internet.

Now, let us discuss how to earn money through online data entry jobs from home without investment.

There are lots of online jobs available on the internet, but the most preferable job is the data entry job as it is the job from home without Investment. There are lots of Advantages also in this online data entry jobs. You can get money in less time if you have a bunch of knowledge of information.

10 Best legitimate online data entry jobs from home without investment.

  1. Data Entry Keyes:-

This Data entry jobs are for them who have accurately Extracting appropriately Information from multiple types of documents and also then they have to type data in the format of databases like an excel spreadsheet or any other company.

  • Quality control: They generally check the Quality of the content thoroughly. They check the Kind of words used in any content or information, as no abusive words should be used in any platform.
  • Quantity: They also check the quantity of the content or any information. They try to grant more and more information in any single content. So, they are checking it well.
  • Finding errors: Their work is also to find the errors from the Information or the content.
  • Rectify the errors: As many content or information contains some errors but because of some errors they can’t remove the entire information. So, they properly fixed the errors and present it beautifully.
  • Typing speed: As it is mentioned before that for any data entry job typing speed is very important. Your typing skill must have at least 60 wpm with a 0% error ratio.
  • Knowledge of MS Excel: It is very necessary For this as in these online jobs there are lots of work in which Knowledge of MS EXCEL is required as in editing, smart looking, formatting, etc.
  • Earning: you can easily earn $10 to $15 in this job.
  • Requirement: The candidate should be experienced, as any client needs an experienced person for this work and should be faithful and being concerned about this work and also have a bunch of information from multiple places and things.
  • Data entry clerks: We can say that the data entry clerk is the person who follows specific procedures for completing various clerical jobs like filling a form or any document in an alphabetical file, posting to individual accounts, and also maintain departmental accounts like coding.
  • Requirement: They should be passing out their high secondary. Two years of experience needed in any prior job. They should have much familiarity with the variety of software, especially MS EXCEL AND MS OFFICES.
  • EARNING: They can easily earn $15 per hour.

We can say that this Data Entry clerk job is similar to the data entry Keyers but there is a difference. As they should have more knowledge of the computer hardware also but in data Keyers’ job it is not necessary. In data entry clerk jobs involves some physical activities like standing for long hours or Carrying the weight of 20 Ibs.

  • Find: If they have skills in this then they can find a job in FIVERR. They can also sell their data in multiple places.
  • Converting image to text: This is also a data entry job but not for everyone as it has some Medical terminologies, which everyone may be recognized. Generally in this job screenshot of the Image is given and they have to convert it in the format of texting. They have to read the images carefully and they must have to understand it and finally write it down in the format of MS word.
  • Requirement: Most important they should have more accuracy and integrity. They are generally related to different terminologies, not regular English. They must have very careful about the word they use.
  • Earning: If you convert one image in the format of text then you can get $3 to $4. If you do 25- 30 files then you can easily earn $80-$100 per day.
  • Find: you can easily find the kind of job available throughout the internet.
  • Converting audio to text: In this job, you have to convert the audios into text format. In this job list of Audio files reproduce into text.
  •  Requirement: Great listening skills, as in this job you have to listen to it carefully and then convert it. Many times voice is not clear so they cannot understand the concept clearly. Typing speed is just as you can complete great no. Of files.
  • Earning: you can easily earn $5 per file. So it is required to complete more files so you can earn more thorough this simple job.
  • Medical transcriptionist job there is a huge demand for medical transcriptionist job because of the handwriting written by the doctors are kind of a very difficult thing to understand it well by a common people. This is the job of medical transcriptionists to understand those on the behalf of the common people. Private Companies as well as the public sector looking for an experienced transcriptionist.
  • Challengeable job: they have to listen to the type of dictations from doctors also with the slur words which are quite difficult.
  • Requirement: Great listening skills and familiarity with all the medical terminology. Need much training and experience for at least 2 years.
  • Earning: you can easily earn $20 to $25 per hour form this medical transcription job.
  • Medical coder: They have to read the patient’s health report, analyses the medical issues and history of a person, their illness, and diagnosed treatment. They are based on charts and reports. This job has mainly codes through which they can shorthand writing style which is used by doctors and medical professionals.
  • Not for everyone: This job needs degrees on medical coding and also prior experience of 2 years and should be trained. So it is a data entry job but not for everyone.
  • Amazon Mechanical Turk: It is also known as mTurk. It is one of the platforms that allow data entry operators. This company generally gives you tasks on behalf of another company or third-party clients.

It is a task called HITs (Human Intelligence Task).

There are generally three types of jobs.

  • Microdata entry.
  • Transcription jobs.
  • Surveys.

You can smartly choose your HITs to earn more and more. Sometimes In this platform, you have to give tests, and then if you qualify you can pursue further.

  • Earning: professionals data entry jobs operator can make money easily up to $3000 per month by picking high paying HITs jobs.
  • Captcha solving: We all are generally familiar with the term Captcha, they are generally images containing texts and have alphanumeric characters and used to fill a field given below to prevent spamming.
  •  Earning:, in this data entry job, there is very less income as compared to others. So, if you want to earn more then you have to solve more than 1000 Captcha to earn more amount of money.
  • Captioning: This is a very general job and almost 90% of the people aware of it, many people can define captioning in their way. We generally define it that captioning is something from which we can relate the texts or images properly.
  • Requirement: creativity should be present in every caption. As it needs to justify the images at any cost.
  • More uses: It is mostly used in every social media platform as on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.
  • Find: you can easily find it in any of the social media backgrounds.
  • Earning: Maybe it doesn’t fulfill your requirements but It is one of the jobs which is very enjoyable.
  • Copy-paste job: It is the job where you have to copy first and then paste it in some other formatting like pdf or web docs, MS EXCEL formatting.

Generally, in this job you can interchange the formats in many ways like you can change the format from pdf to Formatting, or you can change the format from Excel to MS WORD.

The contents can be texted, letters, or all other kinds of data.

  • Requirement: your management skill should be good, as you have to choose the format in the best way so it can be fit well in the chosen format.

So, this is all about the data entry job. We can also easily apply to this job in our own choice. We can do this in our free time and also from any time and anywhere.


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