How to Become a UX Designer?

There are many careers from which one could choose to become. But choosing the career as per the interest is the best option. If an individual is having an interest in the technical field as well as designing, then the best career for them could be UX designer. Now the question comes in front of an individual is how to become a UX Designer.

What do you mean by UX Designer

UX is a short form of user experience. So, the UX designer is the one who designs the various technical things which come in contact with the user, such as websites, apps, and software. In this, the designer makes the process easy, which let the people work on it with ease.

In this, it is essential to have a good knowledge of the technical field, coding, putting the logic on computers as well as other skills in software. An understanding is necessary that how the apps could become more user friendly and easy for the user to work on it.

No one in this world born with the thought that one wants to become this in life. If anyone thinks that this career excites them and thinking of choosing a career as a UX Designer.

Then it is utmost necessary to think about the steps to follow to how to become a UX Designer.

Process of becoming a UX Designer

Understand the basic principles of UX designing – If you have thought a lot about that how to become a UX Designer,then u must have thought about that it is essential to learn the basic principles first before starting anything. So, it is essential to learn the basic principles of designing –

Colour – It is crucial to know the color combination for which a thorough study of color is necessary. There are three parts of study in colors that need to be carefully learned, like fundamentals of colors, a vocabulary of colors and colors psychology.

Gridding system –It is very important to divide the page or anything in an equal manner so that all the things could be arranged properly without looking horrible. It the basic discipline if one wants to learn and have good design.

Balance – If anything is considered to be right, then looking for something else will not soothe the eyes. It needs to be balanced both the side. Suppose on one side a small circle is being made, then on the other side to balance it similar size circles need to be there. Otherwise, it would not be soothing to the eyes.

Typography –The text must be clear and readable. If the text is too small that it becomes difficult to read, and on the other side, if it’s too large then it would be difficult to read. So, on the web, to make it convenient for the user, the text should be readable.

Contrast –Certain colors look good with one another. Similarly, while creating a web page, these color contrasts need to be taken care of as if the background color is not going well with the other colors over there. Then, it will not look good to the eyes of viewers. The eyes like the contrast color combination but if done in the right way.

A clear understanding of the UX process in design – In anything when we start learning there are certain process, method as well as philosophy in that. Similarly, in UX designing, it is there but all of this is very simple and flexible. In this, the designer needs to think from the perspective of a user whether the user will be able to adopt the things presented in front of them.

Improve the skills of designing – In every field, the most important thing is the practice being done. So, in this UX designing, it is necessary to practice a lot and make your skill set into it. The designer must have knowledge of how to use different devices such as a tablet, desktop, mobile, and many more for designing. It needs to be worked daily, which should sharpen, going towards perfection, and understanding how to work will keep on improving.

By seeing the designers who had done well in this field, one can analyze their work and learn from their experiences. For the practice purposes, designs of the top designers could be copied carefully which will guide them on various aspects of designing.

Train yourself with the concept projects – To improve UX designing, one should start working on the different concepts of fake projects. It will make them practice different things and will make your portfolio. This could be very helpful in getting the new clients or if one wants to have the job then getting a job.

With this one has the full freedom to work on the fake projects in the way they would like to work such as learning different layouts, ideas, a combination of colors, and many other things. One can experiment with their learning without any worries. If the design is done well then it will automatically attract the attention of the people viewing it.

Learn more tools related to UX designing – Various tools help in UX designing which helps in making the idea on computers such as Adobe XD, UX pin, Figma, Sketch, Framer, and many others. If these tools are not being learned then it would be difficult to present better ideas. So, UX designer needs to learn these tools as it will help one to havestability in the market and go with the trend. If possible the designer should learn most of the designing tools but to stick on the one and master it. So that in those tools ideas could be created and crafted with ease.

Improvise the knowledge – After attaining the knowledge of the software and learning a different aspect of UX designing doesn’t mean that all the work has been done. With the time the changes keep on which needs to be upgraded continuously.

So, here if thinking that how to become a UX designer it is necessary to think of a successful UX designer. For this, an individual continuously needs to upgrade oneself with the new advancement.

Conclusion : It is not necessary for the process of how to become a UX designer to have a degree but the passion towards the work and learning for it continuously. If an individual puts the efforts into their learning then only it could be possible that one can become a successful UX designer

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