10 Best Business Ideas to start within 10k Budget in India

There are many professionals today who are interested in starting their own business ideas with minimum investment. The young generation today has an inner potential to be young entrepreneurs and contribute to the Indian economy. Starting a business needs a good investment.

Many of them just give up just because they don’t have money. The one thing that differentiates a successful entrepreneur from an unsuccessful entrepreneur is that a successful one breaks their monotonous routine of a 9-5 job and wants to do something on their own.

This journey of them only begins when they implement good ideas that are innovative and which bring their dreams closer to them.

Here we are about to discuss 10 Business ideas to start within 10k Budget in India

Custom-made Gifts

People nowadays prefer to gift memories rather than any traditional gift. One can gift any item and can customize it according to the choice. Artistic and neat work is what takes to start and boom in this business. For the growth of the business, you can use Facebook or Instagram to target your audience.

On top of that, you can also provide a wrapping facility so that you can earn some extra for that. This business is a low budget business and can take 3 months of the time to settle. You need continuous determination and ideas to make your business work.

Scrap Collection- Turn waste into Gold

Scrap collection and conversion of that scrap into some useful thing is very popular nowadays. With the mission of no waste in India, the Scrap collection business is the Best business Ideas in India to start with.

All these rag pickers, recycling factories and the business whose sole business is related to scrap collection come under the unorganized sector. Revenue in this business ideas all depends on the margins. For example, you have a client who has Iron which is a waste for him. You buy kilos of iron from him at the rate of 10-12 RS per kg.

Now you have to search for the client who is in the need of iron. The current rate of the iron in the is 40 rs per kg, you can sell your iron at 30Rs.per kg to the client who needs it. Thus, you earn a profit of Rs.20-18 per kg.

You can start this business with minimal investment. Stay up to date regarding the rates of the items you want to sell. From the investment point of view, measuring tools cost is a one-time investment.

Food Trucks- Food on the go

Food trucks- food on the go are new eating joints for the young generation. These are the new age of ‘thellas’ which serve delicious food. They have different cuisines and it is enjoyed by everyone.

They provide food at a reasonable price and can be parked in places where it is accessible to a lot of people. It can be opened in a 10K budget easily and is very profitable.

Travel Agent- Plan trip for others

People nowadays spent money on food, clothing and traveling. There is tough competition between the travel agency but if you advertise it correctly you can succeed in the business.

The desire to see the world is now in everybody and they are ready to pack their bags whenever they can. A good travel agent must have good travel plans with all the itineraries for the people to make their trip memorable with a pocket-friendly package.

There is no start-up cost in this business but you only require a high-speed internet connection. Enthusiast travelers can easily pull this business off.

The Wedding Planner or Event Management

Weddings will always happen all around the globe at all times.A wedding in India is a big task. Family members are so indulged in all the work that they can’t enjoy the wedding to the fullest. This thing makes the Event managers in trend.

The family member can sit back and relax while wedding planners will do their work to perfection. Event managers are required in corporate seminars and events. Though competition in this business idea in India is quite high.

Planning an event can take a lot of time and every tiny detail should receive your full attention. Anyone who is creative and can manage business should start this.

Photography- Convert passion into revenue

Passionate Photography can help you convert passion into revenue. In this digital world, photographers are needed everywhere be it a seminar or a wedding function.In the era of Instagram where people post every small happening of their lives, photographers are needed. You need time and energy in this profession.

The initial cost is only buying a top-model digital camera. You need a good portfolio to show to the customers of different work done by you. Do small or free events in the initial time and get the required experience.

Tiffin Service- Good option for housewives

Tiffin service is also a great start-up idea in India for those who are good at cooking. It requires low investment and is one of the best professions for women. People mostly prefer to eat at home these days instead of going out.

Most of the people are working as corporate and they require home food. This has increased the demand for tiffins nowadays. People pay a good amount for a healthy tiffin. It requires no start-up cost and can be done from home easily. All you need is a kitchen and cooking ingredients.

Opening Coaching Centers and Tuition

Starting Coaching or tuition centers is also a good Business ideas in India for those who have financial problems. You have to be known for the teaching job so that students will come to the classes.

For the initial phase, you can join the tuition center for teaching.With good knowledge in any field, you can teach people and earn money easily. This profession requires no initial investment. Start with home teaching and then expand it to the next level. For an experience, you can also start working as a teacher at some coaching center.

Fruit Juice Stall in Summers and Soup Stall in Winters

To beat that scorching heat, people need fresh juices that are available to them at any time of the day. Moreover, eating habits have been changed. Instead of having a cold coffee glass, people prefer to have fresh juice.

Opening a Fruit Juice Kiosk is a very profitable business idea in India these days. In winter the same can be converted to hot soup kiosk. There has been an increasing number of juice Kiosks in many big cities including Delhi and Mumbai in India.

For this business to start you need to select the location and seek permission from the local municipal office. The investment would be in rent and the grocery item you will purchase.

Cooking classes and Custom Made Bakery

This is the best start-up idea in India for the ladies who know cooking and want to start something of their own. This very low budget business ideas as you can start from your home itself. If you have knowledge of different cuisines then it will be the icing on the cake. Nowadays people have developed taste for different cuisines such as Chinese, Thai and Italian. You can earn extra for different cuisines.

If you have added skill of bakery then it would be great for you to start. With teaching, you can take commercial orders for homemade bakery items. Advertisement for this business is more of mouth to mouth but you can post your homemade bakery items on social media. It will attract more customers. You only need to have kitchenware for this business to start with.

Conclusion: The current trends in the economy are varying and people should also change with the changing environment. These above-mentioned business ideas in India are very profitable if done the right way and also require very low capital investment and can generate high profits.

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