Blogging vs Vlogging, which is the best choice for 2021?

Both blogs, as well as a vlog, is a medium of communication of content through the use of the Internet. The contents of blogs as well as vlogs vary from promoting a business or a person to put forward some ideas or suggestions to the audience. In recent days, both bloggers & vloggers write blogs or make vlogs respectively to earn some money & use this medium as a source of income. If you are wondering about what is the best choice in blogging vs vlogging, then it is very important to know the basic details & differences between the two.

What is Blogging?

An online journal or diary is what is termed as a blog. It is a medium of communication to deliver written text to the audience with the help of the internet. Apart from websites, blogging can also be done on social media. Blogs are also made attractive by using good fonts & layouts, adding appropriate pictures & using suitable colors too to draw attention from its readers.

What is vlogging?

Video blogging can simply be termed as vlogging. This simply means making a video blog that serves the same purpose as a blog in a slightly different medium. The internet is used to publish vlogs to the audience. Vlogs also are made in a way that keeps its viewers intrigued to watch the whole vlog. The correct blend of sound effects & words used along with what the video is trying to highlight is what makes a vlog attractive to the audience.

Similarities between blogs & vlogs

Although blogs & vlogs are two different things, they still are very similar to each other.  Many bloggers to this day have turned into bloggers & many vloggers even do have their blogging websites too. Blogs as well as vlogs share the same contents & even serve the same purpose very easily.

Difference between blogs & vlogs

The contrast in the medium of presentation & the form in which the content is displayed is the only difference between blogs & vlog sites. Vloggers are seen directly talking to the camera giving an effect of directly talking to the viewers. On the other hand, bloggers write in a voice which speaks to its readers & approaches its readers.

There can be a live broadcast of vlogs in some such platforms like Facebook or Instagram. Vlogs can also be added as an additional clip within a blog.

Blogging vs Vlogging: Advantages & Disadvantages.



Blogging is a simple process that enables you to write down & publish anything that is of interest to you, may it be sharing some experiences, thoughts or ideas, or promoting some business. It is very quick to set up without requiring much technical knowledge. However good writing skills will be very helpful in your blogging. All you require is a laptop or desktop with an active Internet connection to type your blogs & publish it. Platforms like WordPress, Blogger, Tumbler, are some of the best blogging platforms.


The blogs that you publish are available for all the Internet users around the globe so one needs to be very careful in choosing the topics as well as the choice of words one uses in their blogs. Personal blogs may have inaccurate & biased information that might not go well with the users. Readers might sometimes leave disheartening comments as well. Moreover, if you do not have good, expressive & approachable writing skills then it could not yield many readers to your blogs. Posting blogs continuously are very important. sometimes it becomes very chaotic too.



Vlogging is a medium of communication which helps connect people around the globe. Since vloggers directly speak to their viewers through their vlogs, the viewers develop a good connection with the vloggers. If you as a vlogger manage to give you viewers good content with a very approachable style of speaking then you will be able to gain an ample amount of followers.


Vlogs once made & published cannot be re-edited. A vlogger will need to take down the vlog & post it again after reshooting the entire video. This is a very time-consuming process. If your way of speaking is not appropriate then you can get a lot of backlash from the audience. Moreover, vlogging requires regular uploading of vlogs for which a vlogger needs to put in a lot of effort and it becomes a very cumbersome task to manage with a changing lifestyle.

Things to consider in Blogging

  • Writing

The initial aspect to consider for becoming a blogger is that one needs to be fond of writing. If you do not like writing then blogging is not suitable for you. You must have adequate knowledge & skills in context to writing so that you do not undergo any troubles later when you choose to become a blogger. Moreover, you also need to have a good and approachable style in writing as well as good editing to make your blog presentable to your readers.

  • Awareness

It is very important to be aware of what you are writing in your blog. You need to be careful to not get off the track while writing your blog. If you go off-topic then the readers of your blog might lose interest.

  • Niche

Niche means the type of blog you are writing or the content of the blog that you are writing. The niche could be anything ranging from sports, fashion, home décor, cooking, photography to business, or sharing any experience. As a blogger, you should choose a niche that you are truly comfortable with. The first thing to decide when you choose to blog is a niche, anything that you are passionate about.

  • Knowledge

It is extremely important to know about whatever you are blogging about. You should have proper knowledge about your topic. Additionally, you may go for some necessary research to be sure of what you will be writing. Be very careful about not giving any inaccurate or inappropriate knowledge.

Things to consider in vlogging

  • Camera Confidence

Being comfortable in front of the camera is very essential,l to begin with vlogging. You are the central aspect of your vlog & hence you need to be very confident & presentable. A nervous and stammering vlogger is not attractive to the viewers.

  • Storytelling

An essential tip in shooting a vlog is to be capable of adding storytelling style while making your blogs. Listening to stories is what intrigues a person since childhood – is thus an essential tip to follow. Moreover, maintaining a storyline while shooting a vlog makes your vlog very manageable & approachable to the audience.

  • Camera Gear

It is essential to have all the necessary equipment for creating a vlog. The list of tools starts from having a good quality camera & mic so that your videos as well as, as well as voice. Apart from this, vlogs also require good editing software to edit videos/clips.

  • Set Rules

Setting some basic ground rules is also a necessary step to take. One should decide from before about the contents of your vlog, what may or may not feature in your vlogs & so on. Video shooting for vlogs is not allowed or is restricted in certain areas. So, be sure to be aware of all these conditions. Therefore, you should jot down the spots where you can shoot your vlog and the places where you can not. Also, you must take the consent of the people who will be featured in your vlog.

  • Website Restrictions

Some websites or the platforms where you are going to upload your vlogs might impose certain restrictions. Make sure to be aware of these locations. As most websites do not encourage hateful content, spam or scam & so on.

Blogging vs Vlogging: What do you choose?

Both blogging as well as vlogging are extremely growing fields. Both are mediums of communication of content through the use of the internet and require some essential skills and equipment.

Blogging as well as vlogging has its benefits & drawbacks that the blogger, as well as the bloggers, need to face. Neither blogging nor vlogging has any age limit barriers.

Neither of the two mediums is better than the other. Both require their criteria and skills required for working on them. One may opt for either medium depending upon one’s preferences and presence of the necessary skills required.

Simply, if you have a love for writing and have good writing skills then you can go for blogging or if you are a good speaker && have the required knowledge of making good videos that may help you gain followers then go for vlogging.

In the end, dedication is the key to success in any of these fields. Along with fun & fruitful utilization of time, blogging and vlogging are both passive income sources as well.

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