Best WhatsApp Monitoring App In 2020

Are you searching for the best WhatsApp monitoring app of the year 2020? You have almost found it. After reviewing the top-notch monitoring apps, we have come up with the most reliable app to spy on WhatsApp messenger.

TheOneSpy can be considered as the most efficient tracking app for instant messengers. It tracks almost all popular instant messaging, social media and communication apps including WhatsApp. The app comes with advanced features letting the end-user to supervise digital activities and online chats of the object. Read on to know what stands this app out than the other monitoring apps.

A Brief Introduction of WhatsApp Messenger

WhatsApp is the most commonly used instant messaging app across the world at the moment. The user-friendliness and feature-richness of the messenger has made it popular among people of every age group.

The user of the instant messaging app can exchange text, videos, images, audios, documents, GPS location and contacts among others. The app also allows making voice and video calls to multiple contacts at the same time.

The app does not charge money and uses the internet to enable the user to use all features.

WhatsApp Spy App

Have you ever thought to spy on WhatsApp of someone else? If you are an employer, you might be searching for a tool to supervise online chats of your workers to prevent them from gossips and dissemination of false or sensitive information.

Parents can keep an eye on instant messages of their children to prevent them from wrongdoings. Whatsoever the reason is to monitor another person’s WhatsApp, the solution is one. Using the WhatsApp spy app, you can monitor online chats of your children and workers without them knowing.

How WhatsApp Tracker Works

The spy on WhatsApp messenger works with confidentiality without letting the target know. Once you install it on the targeted phone, it secretly accesses data relevant to WhatsApp and many other instant messengers. Then it uploads this data to the secret online portal of the tracker app from where the end-user can retrieve it.

Core Features of WhatsApp Tracker

The monitoring app comes with most advanced spying features enabling parents and employers to supervise instant messages of their children and employees.

Read WhatsApp Messages

You can read WhatsApp messages received and transmitted by the object without accessing the targeted phone.The spy app installed on the phone secretly creates online backup of incoming and outgoing WhatsApp messages. The end-user of the spyware can retrieve all messages and contact detail of negotiators right from the secret online portal.

Track Voice Messages

The surveillance app also lets you know from whom a voice message has been received and to whom the audio message has been transmitted.

Monitor Call Logs

You can access WhatsApp call logs of your concerned person to get the detail of all inward and outward calls.

Retrieve WhatsApp Media

The photos and videos exchanged through the instant messaging app can be watched out by signing into the online portal of the tracking app.

Screen Recorder

The advanced screen recording feature of the tracker app lets you monitor almost all activities performed on the instant messenger. The end-user can capture screen of the targeted phone by sending a remote command. On receiving the command, the targeted device starts creating a short video of whatever appears on the phone screen.


The app is compatible with rooted android mobile phones running Android 5 to 9.1. It supports all popular android smartphone brands including LG, Sony, Samsung, Motorola, HTC and Haier among others.

Subscription Criteria

The app can be subscribed for one month or longer. The price of the app varies with subscription period. For example, the one-month subscription of the WhatsApp tracker app is priced at $65. The annual subscription enables the purchaser to get the app at cheaper rates.

What are Pluses?

  • It offers live screen recording and screenshots.
  • The app is undetectable and app icon is concealable.

What are Limitations?

  • The app cannot be installed without accessing the target phone.
  • There is no free trial version but a 14-day money back guarantee.

The Bottom Line

The WhatsApp monitoring solution of TheOneSpy can be considered as the best because of its feature-richness, user-friendliness and affordability.It enables the end-user to secretly watch out almost all activities performed on the messaging app by the object.

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