Best Refrigerator Buying Guide 2020

Refrigerators are bulk machines and expensive also, which is purchased for at least 5 years, therefore, you must know everything before buying it and hence today we are going to give a detailed purchasing guide of refrigerator and here we will also include a list of best refrigerator in India for you.

Since technology is changing day by day in different fields and the same thing is also happening in refrigerators, therefore if you are planning to buy a Best refrigerator then you should purchase it right now because there is nothing for which you should wait for and the latest technology will became old in next few years.

Current we have a lot of brand choices like LG, Godrej, Whirlpool etc which provides a lot of different-different Refrigerators models which may confuse you which one you should buy and which should not to buy and hence with our guide you can get best refrigerator in India at the minimum price as we will cover all aspect from power consumption to price.

Points you should keep in mind before buying a Best Refrigerator

Types of Refrigerators –

We can broadly classify refrigerators in two categories one is commercial and the others are Domestic but here we are talking about only domestic refrigerators, therefore, we are classifying refrigerators in following categories based on the capacity and the styles of the refrigerators.

Top /Bottom Freezer Refrigerators –

Top freezer refrigerators are the classical refrigerator which are in the market from decades and it is all clear from the name that it has freezer at the top and spaces for their materials in the bottom side, on the other hand, the Bottom freezer refrigerators have freezer at the bottom and these are the modern refrigerators and uses the advance technology but in both these types, you will not find any other differences except the place of freezer as both look traditional and not going to give a modern look to your kitchen, therefore, you can choose which one will be best for you

Counter-Depth Refrigerators-

These refrigerators save your space in the kitchen as these are fitted in the counter depths that are the space between the wall and the front side of the cabinets which may be somewhere 24-30 inches. These refrigerators also provide a good look to your kitchen and have multiple doors, which may differ according to different brands and different models of the same brand.

Side by side refrigerators –

These are generally stylish looking, high capacity refrigerators suitable for families having 4-6 members and if you have 4-6 members family and wanted a stylish and fancy design refrigerators for your kitchen then you can go with it.

In side by side refrigerators, there are two doors side by side which locks the two partitions side by side and these refrigerators requires less space to open and close but you are not going to feel a shortage of space in it. These are space saving refrigerator which can be fitted in a limited area in your kitchen.

French door refrigerators –

These are the fanciest refrigerators in India which look moderns and acquire smaller space in the kitchen as the doors are smaller and swings in small space. In this type of refrigerators, you will get enough space according to the different models and some of them also contain drawer-type freezer at the bottom.

Mini Fridges –

These are generally for office or smaller kitchen with low capacity and can be easily settled in the smaller area and if you are looking for small and power-efficient refrigerate then it can be a good option for you.

The capacity of a refrigerator –

In the market, you will find a large capacity range of refrigerators starting from 50 Litres and go onward but You should also keep in mind that if you will going to choose a larger capacity refrigerator then it will also cost you more and will consume more energy, therefore, you have to choose according to the number of members you have in your family as well as how much space you have in your kitchen.

If you have only 4 members in your family then you can choose a refrigerator having a capacity of 150 to 200 litres and if have more members then can go beyond 200 litres.

Power Consumption –

As most of the people ignore the power rating of a refrigerator but you know that most of the domestic refrigerators consume a significant amount of power that may be from 150 watts to 250 watts and a commercial fridge needs much more power than this, therefore while buying a Best refrigerator you must check the power rating of the refrigerator and one thing you should keep in mind that the larger capacity of refrigerator you will choose the larger amount of power it will consume hence you should be clear that what is your need.

Generally, the refrigerators with the latest technology consume less power and different companies are trying to make refrigerators more power-efficient therefore you should choose the latest technology, not the outdated one.

While purchasing a refrigerator you should make sure that the refrigerator you are choosing have a good rating that is BEE star rating given by the Bureau of Energy Efficiency in India.

Size of a refrigerator –

The dimension of Refrigerators matters a lot as if you have limited space in your room then you must choose a low capacity refrigerator which may start from 55 litres and are called mini-fridges and these can be easily settled in a small space and if you have enough space then you can choose French door, single door or other refrigerators which have higher capacity.

Compressor –

Nearly all brands provide one year warranty on the refrigerators and 5 years warranty on the compressors and Most of the refrigerators have a fixed compressor which runs same for lifetime but some advanced refrigerators have an automatic controller which controls the compressor and cools accordingly as needed.

If you will care everything while purchasing a refrigerator then we are sure that you are going to get the best refrigerators in India which will be the best fit for your kitchen and also for your budget and will serve you for at least five to ten years.

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  1. The storage capacity of the refrigerator should always be one of the first things you look into. As the article points out, you need to take the size of your family into consideration. After all, you’d want to choose a fridge that can hold enough food to feed your whole family


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