best network in India for Pubg mobile and tik tok users

Best network of india

Hey, are you a heavy user of Internet and used to play online games like PUBG Mobile and surf HD videos on YouTube and Tik Tok and wanted to know which Internet service provider is Best network in India so that you can get a decent Internet speed and a good browsing experience, hence today we are going to help you to choose the best network in India.

Due to cheap Internet rates as well as increase in the coverage area of a good quality of Best network in India, Internet users are increasing day by day and surf different site on Internet and some of them are choosing Internet marketing, YouTube, tiktok as a carrier options like these days you will find hundreds of new YouTubers, as well as tik tokers, are arriving daily and if you will observe them then you will find that many of them are from the small villages and towns this is only possible due to the starting of a cheap internet era in India.

Due to the all these the gaming is also becoming popular in India and these days live gaming channels are at decent levels of subscribers and popularity only by playing Pubg mobile but most of the live streamers are complaint that the slow Internet is causing problem to then in online streaming, as streaming requires a good Internet speed so here

we are listing most trusted and best network In India…

Reliance Jio

india best network

Jio is the newest among all service providers and got a huge success in almost 4-5 years and became the largest internet provider in India leaving old companies like Airtel, Idea, Vodafone etc far behind.

Jio has brought revolutionary changes in the telecommunication sector of India and offered the cheapest internet in the world due to which many companies who were not able to offer internet at such discount rates collapsed soon and only a few providers are left these days.

Unlike other networks, Jio has only 4G network coverage across the 22 circles of India and offers high-speed internet even in the remote areas and improving its service quality day by day.

According to the latest reports, Jio has more than 33 crore users across the country and the reason behind this success was the free and unlimited Internet at a high speed which has been offered by the company during its initial years in 2015-16 and but a huge user base due to the free services but it takes and now it is one of the most trusted internet service providers among the internet users.

Jio, as well as all other providers, are making changes in their planes due to several reasons but still, Jio is offering the cheapest internet in the world.

The most basic plan of Jio offers unlimited Jio to Jio calling and FUP of 300 minutes for Jio to non-Jio calling with 1 GB per day data for 24 days and you are not going to get offers like this anywhere else.

Vodafone – Idea

Before the arrival of the Jio, Vodafone and Idea are among the tough competitors of the telecommunication market but to overcome the loses they are getting due to several reasons Vodafone India joined Idea Cellular and named it as Vodafone Idea Limited and now provides services under the two names Vodafone and Idea.

Vodafone and idea both are the older services providers and offer 2G,3G and 4G VOLTE service, therefore,  both have good customers base and when they merged together then became the largest network in India but soon they lost many customers and sifted to 2nd position company after the Jio based on users. You will notice that the all major network in India have only a few lakh users difference in their customers, therefore, it is hard to say that which one has more customers at any time but these companies disclose the number of users time to time so that we can get a rough idea about users base of that network provider.

You can get the details of the latest plane from the official website of Vodafone idea as they keep changing planes regularly.

Bharti Airtel


Bharti Airtel is one of the oldest telecommunication company which provides its services across the world and is the third-largest internet provider in India after Jio and Vodafone-Idea having more than 32 crore users in India. Airtel comes to third place because  Idea and Vodafone joined together so that they can sustain in the market as a huge amount of money has to be paid to the Indian government.

Due to the older one, the Airtel has a huge trust bond among the customers although it is the most expensive internet provider among all the internet providers in India. After the arrival of Jio, the company have lost many users but also gain a lot of more users than it has lost due to the deal with Telenor to acquire it in 2017 and also get many Aircel users due to collapsing of the Aircel.

Airtel it is still at a strong position due to only the trust of the users which it has built in the past years due to its descent services which have kept the company and the company have almost same planes like other are providing and you can trust on Airtel for a good quality 4G speed.


india best network

Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited is run by the government of India so it has the widest coverage area across the country with more than 11 crore users across the country.

The major drawback of BSNL is that it has only its 4G LTE services only in few circles but the good news is that BSNL is going to start its 4G services in all other circles soon and users can access its internet services at a much faster rate.

Since BSNL is a government-owned network, therefore you can easily trust on its coverage areas even in the hilly areas.

In the last few years, BSNL has lost many customers due to unavailability of 4G services and tough competition among the network providers.

When the 4G services have been started for the first time in India you have seen many ads regarding the internet speed and much more but the reality is that the shown data are quite different from the reality hence here we have provided our picks of best network in India so that you can choose the correct and best one.

We hope guys if you are going take a new subscription then this article will really help you to choose the best network in India so that you can enjoy online games like Pubg and stream videos on tiktok without any network issue.

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