6 Best Cheap Eats in Memphis to Dine at!

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Memphis is among the best cities to visit in the United States if you happen to be a foodie. Some of the best cheap eats in Memphis include anything and everything from pizza places and pies cafes to restaurants and takeaways.

If you haven’t explored the food scene in Memphis, then you haven’t explored Memphis at all! The awesome thing about the best cheap eats in Memphis is that you can enjoy a wholesome meal for less than $10. So wait no longer to visit this remarkable city and enjoy as many of its lip-smacking dishes as you can!

Listed below are some of the best cheap eats in Memphis you can try out during your trip.

Top Memphis Cheap Eats to Explore:

Memphis is famous for a lot of things besides food and offers attractions to both kids and adults alike. This makes Memphis one of the top family destinations in the US. Check out the list of our topmost and best cheap eats in Memphis. Find one you like most and enjoy the best dishes Memphis has to offer at the cheapest possible rates. Check out the amazing cheap lunch downtown Memphis has to offer you!

1. Pho Binh

Who doesn’t love Vietnamese cuisine? When you get the chance to gorge on mouthwatering Vietnamese delicacies, you shouldn’t pass on it. Pho Binh is not just one of the best cheap eats in Memphis but is also among its most popular ones. The delicious lemongrass tofu available here is a must-try.

However, if you aren’t too much in to tofu, you can always try other things here. Their fried Chicken is simply to die for! They have a lunch buffet here that begins at $7.99. Of course, this price doesn’t include taxes but it’s among the best cheap buffets in Memphis TN.

2. Memphis Pizza Cafe

Popularly known to be the best pizza place in Memphis, this is a must-try even if you’re making an emergency work trip on last minute flights. Combining mouthwatering pizza with cheap prices, this is among the best cheap eats in Memphis for hardcore pizza lovers.

The best part is that not only can you order pies here but you can also buy pizzas by the slice here. For as little as $3 per slice, you can try a variety of pizzas at Memphis Pizza Cafe. It’s among the best inexpensive restaurants in Memphis for pizza.

3. Top’s Bar-B-Q

If you love barbecue, then this is the best place to enjoy it at the cheapest possible rates. You can try a variety of barbecue items here all for less than $10. Whether you’re looking to enjoy barbecue sandwiches or wish to chomp down on a regular delicious burger, you will find it all here. You can check when their Memphis happy hour food specials are on to enjoy even cheaper rates. Top’s is one of the hottest restaurants in Memphis you can enjoy barbecue specials at when visiting on business class flights.

4. Bryant’s

This is one of the best cheap eats in Memphis to head to if you wish to enjoy a hearty breakfast. Bryant’s is not just among the best restaurants in Memphis. It’s among the most iconic ones having earned the distinction of being a Memphis landmark. So to begin your day with the most important meal of the day, visit Bryant – one of the best cheap eats in Memphis.

Your options include country-special ham, homemade biscuits, gravy & grits, omelets, and a ton of other things. Regardless of what you decide to have, be assured that you will get the best bang for your buck and leave with a full stomach.

5. La Guadalupana

There is no better place than this in Memphis for cheap yet authentic Mexican food. It’s among the best cheap eats in Memphis you can explore to satisfy that hunger for Mexican dishes. You can enjoy a myriad of combos and lunch options for under $10. Think rice and beans, Mexican salads, tortillas, and a lot more. This is one of the best cheap eats in Memphis to have lunch or dinner. You need not worry about one being more expensive than the other. Do expect the place to be a bit crowded since it’s one of the best restaurants in Memphis.

6. Dino’s Grill

With Vietnamese and Mexican cuisine covered, can Italian cuisine be left far behind? For lovers of Italian cuisine, Dino’s is among the best cheap eats in Memphis. Serving authentic Italian dishes to the people of Memphis for over four decades now, the restaurant has kept everything on its menu for less than $10. To top that off, Dino’s offers a spaghetti night that’s incredibly “all-you-can-eat.” Starting at just $8 (and taxes), you can enjoy as much spaghetti as your stomach allows you to from 5:00 pm onward. The chance to hog on an endless round of spaghetti and with absolutely zero corkage fee – it cannot get better than this!

         There are several more amazing and best cheap eats in Memphis in addition to the ones mentioned above. When you book cheap flights to Memphis with Indian Eagle travel agency for a trip, do try to include in your itinerary a couple of the cheap eats listed above. Enjoy the best food in Memphis and make this one of your most memorable trips yet! Bon Appetit!

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