10 Best chatting app in India-2020 Reviews

Nowadays, peoples are very busy with their daily life, be it work, business, their passion, their dreams, they are always running. It’s not that easy to maintain a relationship with any relative in our daily life and that’s where these Best chatting app in India comes and works as a savoir.

Mobile Internet and these Best chatting app in India now make it possible to stay in touch with relatives and friends while whacking increased telephone bills. This is made feasible by these Best chatting app in India that can be installed without any cost in your Smartphone. Utilizing these best chatting apps, you will be able to send instant messages, photos and songs or can engage in voice and video chat too.

Chatting on most of these apps is free and therefore, they are very popular. Some apps may charge a small payment for voice and video chat. Use any of these outstanding and best chatting app in India for maintaining communication with relatives and friends across the country and even abroad somewhere.

Here are the lists of those Best chatting app in India with their features:-


  • WhatsApp is India’s most favorite and popular chatting and messaging app.
  • Over 200 million Women and Men across India use WhatsApp to maintain their relationship by communicating with them. Not only that, it is also used to send entertainment and media files too.
  • WhatsApp started to be used as an Instant Messenger (IM) that enables people to send text, audio and video messages to other people who are using it immediately.
  • Over the past years and much more modification, WhatsApp now also allows audio and video chatting, much to the embarrassment of telecommunications services providers. WhatsApp is owned by Facebook.
  • You just need your number to open your account. Then you can edit your name if you want. It also has a “Status” feature.


  • Messenger and Messenger Lite from Facebook are Best Chatting apps among users of Facebook. And even if they don’t have an account in Facebook, they can still open an account on messenger by using their phone number.
  • India has more than 220 million Facebook users, according to the latest data indicated by the company in 2019.
  • Facebook has an inbuilt chat mode, but in the Messenger, it is possible to chat with anyone. Be it a stranger or your friends.
  • This implies that you can chat with a person on Facebook without adding them as ‘Friend’ to safeguard your privacy.
  • Facebook Messenger also gives features like text, audio and video chat. Group audio and video chats are available too.

Skype- from Microsoft:-

  • Skype from Microsoft is another Best chatting apps in India.
  • Skype was among the one of the first chatting apps to be accessible in this country. Skype delivers features like text chatting, audio and video chatting as well.
  • It is one of the best and popular apps available for mobiles and computers. To be honest, lots of companies and organizations execute online interviews with forthcoming aspirants through Skype.
  • The user number of Skype is over 10.5 million in the world. Group chatting is probable with Skype. It is also likely to make calls to mobile and landline telephones internationally using Skype.
  • Nonetheless, calling landline and mobile phones from Skype is paid service: to avail this, you need to purchase credits online before phoning.

Jio Chat:-

Jio is really popular nowadays in India.

  • If you are engaged to Jio 4G Volte network, this is the best and most popular chatting app. Jio Chat is not available as an international denomination yet.
  • Nevertheless, its features and speed are far improved to many exotic and new chat apps available nowadays.
  • Jio Chat is available for several Indian languages and with Indian smiley too. You can send audio, video or text using Jio Chat. This app also authorizes the user to keep up in touch with news, movies and sports.
  • It is the best and one of the most popular Indian chatting app and it is available in the market by Reliance Industries Ltd. If you are utilizing a Jio mobile connection, it delivers HD quality of audio and video.


  • Viber is used by more than one billion people. It is available both in India and in abroad too.
  • Viber authorizes you to send text messages, make audio and video calls.
  • A great feature of Viber is its capacities to hold up larger audio and video files between users of this app.
  • This means, you can download HD images and send them using Viber. Additionally, Viber also gives birth to HD sound and video quality that enhances your chatting experience.
  •  By using the app, you can host conference calling and video calling with Viber chat with the highest quality audio and video that is available.


  • This is another most popular chatting app that is available both in India and Internationally.
  • It authorizes you to establish really huge groups for chatting too- with as many as 100,000 individuals across the world or in your own area.
  • Telegram enables sharing large videos, documents of any type (.DOC, .MP3, .ZIP, etc.) and arranges for specific tasks.
  • It’s excellent equipment for hosting online populations and organizing teamwork. Telegram transmits your messages in the minimum bytes possible, Telegram is the most responsible and credible messaging system that is ever made.
  • Chatting via Telegram can be possible even on the weakest mobile connections.


  • This is another great and most popular app in India
  • It has over 100 million users only in India.
  • It’s not only a chatting app. It has some interesting and unique features too.
  • It has lots of features, like more than 20000 stickers, camera which will make you look fresh and anew, news is also available on this app too.
  • It also has features like cricket, live scores, live update of stock market etc.
  • It also has a polls option which helps the user to decide which food or item is better by seeing the vote percentage.

We Chat:-

  • This is another popular and excellent app in India. It has come into the internet market many years ago.
  • It enables the users to text; send sms and MMS, video chat etc.
  • Additionally, it facilitates the user to send picture and higher quality of videos with friends and family members.


  • This app allows you to chat simultaneously over 200 people at once.
  • It also has lots of features, like news and sports where you can find latest updates.
  • It also has a poll option which allows you to decide whether it’s a best place to dine out or which product is the best.
  • Video and audio calling is available also through the mobile network.

Google Hangouts:-

  • This is another one of the most popular app that is available in India.
  • It is provided by Google for its users. It is intelligent and easy to use.
  • It allows the users to text and video chat and even share documents and other media files too.

To use these apps, the users need a high quality internet connection, be it 4G or VOLTE internet connection. They also work on Wi-Fi. These are the most popular and interesting apps that is available in India. You can use these apps to maintain communication with your friends and family members.

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