How to start affiliate marketing without a website or blog ?

There are different ways through which one can do affiliate marketing. It all depends on the choice of a person that how the person wants to do it. This is a myth that only through website or blog one can do the affiliate marketing if one wants to do there are several ways through which one can do so –

  • Marketing through email – In today’s scenario, everyone is having email as a mode of communication instead of letters or another medium. So one can send the emails to them or there is a list of emails with the target audiences in the different fields made based on interest, demo graphical data, verticals, and many others. This email will be a powerful mode of attracting the right audience. If the person is not free then one can see the email later on in the free time which makes it one of the best ways to do the affiliate marketing.

With this, one can easily make out whether the user is responding to your link or not. In this, the information is being sent to them directly. The user gets engaged with the products. The right way to approach the people is through email is with catchy subjects. If the subject of an email is good then half of the work is done and the rest half is done with content in that email. If all the things are well written then it has great potential for earning.

  • YouTube – With time everyone does not want to read but instead they want to learn or know about the things through videos. YouTube is one of the best search engines where one can learn about different things. Though this one can promote the product which one called YouTube affiliate marketing. If one is thinking of getting into YouTube affiliate marketing then one needs to build good content for the product which one wants to sell. It all depends on the person how one uses the keywords and make the YouTube video more popular among the audience.

If a person is making content then one can take the help of another person who makes YouTube video for promoting the product. So with this traffic could be directed towards your product. With YouTube affiliate marketing the selling is done in an effective way to the right audience.

  • Pay per click –The advertising is being done on google ads and other sites where the advertisements are being posted. On these the advertisement gets posted and when someone clicks on the advertisement that will take a person to your product where one can have full details of it as well as can buy it. but in this one needs to be careful if by going on those sites a buyer is not having good experience with a site or does not buy the product. Then one is at losing end as one will be paying more than one can have in return.

If multiple platforms are giving the same advertisement then there maybe some of the platforms that can cancel your advertisement. So, one needs to carefully see and utilize these platforms.

So, without using any website or blog one can use these platforms to do affiliate marketing.

Forum or online communitiesMany of the online communities or different forums are there which are promoting different things. One needs to find such forums that are promoting a similar thing as your product. Once the search is over the person can promote their product in those communities or forums. It is necessary to be an active member over there and not a normal member. If one becomes an active member then one can build the trust of others on self and then promote the product.This is a type of affiliate marketing where not much of investment is there. But time is required to build trust among other members. By interacting with other people only, giving them solutions for their problems, all answers to their different questions, and doing various things, will make one have trust in others. Then one can promote the product in such a way that other people will not refuse and take it out of trust on you.

Social media Most of the people in today’s time spend their time on social media such as Facebook or Twitter. To have an account on these and then one can promote a product to family and friends. One can send them the link having details of the product and how to buy it. If they have any doubts then that could be made clear by you easily. If they have any queries, one can ask you without any hesitation. Even one can make a separate account with all the details of the product and share the link on it.

The interested user will come to the page automatically by searching for it. But the posting done on this page should be relevant to the product otherwise those who had come on the page will get bore. On the other side, one could also lose the potential customer if information or product is not posted right. In this one can make the use of images as well as visuals to make affiliate marketing more interesting.

E-book – This is one of the difficult options to go for affiliate marketing but if this is being done successfully then it will provide the best and long-lasting results. If an e-book is written in the right way it could do wonders. One can write an e-book that caters to the interest of many readers and after that putting the right information with details of a product in an appropriate manner will increase the sales for a long time.

If the reader has believed in the information provided by you then one will also be a source of promoting the product and its link which will also be a bonus. Just while writing one needs to be careful that all the information, as well as links, should be placed appropriately on it.

Without a website or blog, even affiliate marketing could be done. But one needs to use these features appropriately so that information reaches directly to the right audiences. No matter one is using YouTube affiliate marketing or any other but it should be used such that one gets the right responses. Sometimes, one needs to have the patience for measuring progress and become successful in it. With the time everything will get on its place and one will be getting the right response as well as result.

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